Workshop: Sculpting Time with Computers

fast motion capture in a high-speed tunnel

Interdisciplinary Approaches to Computational Moving Images

6-7 July 2023 

King’s College London, Strand Campus 

This workshop brings together a select group of researchers in the fields of digital and computational humanities, film, cultural history, informatics, computer vision, and digital art, with the purpose of exploring together emerging computational approaches to the study of moving images.

Participants come from leading laboratories in Europe, including the Cultural Data Analytics Open Lab (CUDAN) at Tallinn University and the Cultural Analytics Lab (CANAL) at the University of Amsterdam, and will be hosted by the Computational Humanities Research Group in the Department of Digital Humanities at King’s College London.

Over two days, we will consider the modelling of moving images as computational artefacts, and reflect on the past, present, and future of computational moving image studies. We will then discuss and actively experiment with several ways of encoding the flows of moving images in time: from measurements of shot lengths to high-dimensional representations, we will explore computational techniques that could afford new perspectives on the constitution and analysis of cinematic time.

The workshop is split between a day of introductions, theory and discussion, and a second day of formalisation, practical work and plans for future collaboration. Programme TBA.

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This event is funded by the Digital Futures Institute at KCL.

CUDAN participants are supported partially via the CUDAN ERA Chair project, funded through the Horizon 2020 research and innovation program of the European Commission (Grant no. 810961).

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