DDH researchers are contributing to several public talks and events as part of the The King’s Festival of Artificial Intelligence (Bringing the Human to the Artificial, King’s Institute for Artificial Intelligence).

The festival brings together speakers, exhibits, performances, demos, and screenings in an exciting programme of events from 24th-28th May 2023. The events are open to the public, and provide an opportunity to gather with academics, students, alumni and King’s cultural and industry partners to find out more about developments in artificial intelligence technologies, and the challenges and opportunities that arise from them.

AI and the Visual: Art, Science and Human Bias

Wednesday 24 May, 12.00 to 16.30

This event brings together experts from across a range of disciplines who work on visual culture and AI – from art to facial recognition systems – to explore its opportunities and challenges. How do we live well with AI and the visual? And how do we address its systemic inequalities around race, gender and ethnicity? Speakers include:

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AI Art: On Human and Machine Creativity

Friday 26 May, 18.00 to 18.45

Can computers be creative? Do AI image generators such as DALL·E 2 mean the end of art? Looking at different examples of computational creativity enabled by machine learning, this talk by Joanna Zylinska will aim to cut through the smoke and mirror effect surrounding the current narratives about ‘creative AI’. But it will also demonstrate some practices of machinic co-creation, in which human artists and engineers draw on robotics and AI to produce work that is both visually interesting and thought-provoking. Through this, the talk will raise broader questions about the conditions of art making and creativity today. 

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AI & Art Salon

Friday 26 May, 19.00 to 20.30

How might AI art impact society and humanity’s self-conception? Attend this live discussion from the makers of the Art & AI podcast. Hear new perspectives, deep insights and crackling debate from a unique mix of scholars from King’s, the Courtauld Institute and the National Gallery.

The panel includes:

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How deep (learning) is your love?

Saturday 27 May, 19.00 to 19.45

As AI advances, our interactions with chatbots and robots are becoming increasingly common. But what are the potentials and pitfalls of fostering friendships and intimacy with computer software and hardware? This talk explores our emotional connections with AIs and robots, from their ability to provide support and companionship to fears of dehumanisation and the loss of authentic human connection. Technology has the power to bridge social and personal gaps in our lives, while also raising important ethical questions about individual and cultural impact. Join us as we explore the complex and fascinating world of human-AI relationships and consider the implications for our future interactions with technology.

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