Humanities Laboratories: Critical Infrastructure and Knowledge Experiments | 23rd May 2019

Dr Urszula Pawlicka-Deger
A Laboratory as Critical Infrastructure in the Humanities


Dr James Smithies
The Epistemology of the Machine: Natural Philosophy, Digital Laboratories, and Cultural Heritage


Lecture Capture


Prof Willard McCarty
Towards an Anthropology of the Artificially Intelligent | 29th May 2019

2018. McCarty, Towards an anthropology. Monopolies of AI


Language & Space in Public Imagination | 11th June 2019

Prof Willard McCarty
Computing|Humanities: What’s the relationship?

2019. McCarty, Slides for Fellowship event, 11 June

Dr Stuart Dunn
Territoriality in Cyberspace: Dealing with Contested Geographies in the Age of Google Maps


Assoc Prof Antonina Puchkovskaia
Visualizing St Petersburg Based on Russian Language Corpus

Visualizing St Petersburg_Puchkovskaia

Dr Gabriele Salciute Civiliene
Thinking & Modelling Spatio-Temporality across Languages

SpatioTemporality across Languages_GSC