Best Thesis Prize goes to undergraduate dissertation exploring climate disinformation on Facebook

Congratulations to Kajsa Lonrusten, a recent graduate from our Digital Culture BA, who recently won Best Thesis Prize for her dissertation on “The Circulation of Organised Climate Change Denial on Facebook”.
The dissertation drew on approaches from digital methods and digital journalism modules that she attended in order to explore the circulation of material associated with DeSmog Blog’s Climate Disinformation Database.
Kajsa says she plans to build on this work in her graduate studies:

“I am surprised and extremely thankful that my dissertation was given this prize! Although it took a lot of hard work and many late nights, I thoroughly enjoyed the work I did while writing the thesis and I learnt a lot from it. I took a risk doing something slightly different and using some very interesting methods, and, thanks to a lot of help from my supervisor, it worked out in the end and it made the process a lot more fun. I will take this experience and knowledge with me into my next chapter as I start my Master’s in Journalism, where I hope to put them to good use when the time comes for me to write a Masters thesis.”