As the third talk in the Early Career Research Talks series, Claire Reddleman will give a presentation entitled ‘Depicting the bagne – re-imagining penal colony sites through photography and mapping’.

I will be talking about work in progress, resulting from recent postdoctoral research. ‘Postcards from the Bagne’, is hosted at Nottingham Trent University and led by Dr Sophie Fuggle. The ‘bagne’ refers to the French penal colonies that existed from the mid-nineteenth century into the mid-twentieth century, at a number of locations but most famously French Guiana in South America. One of the aims of the project is to create a digital photographic archive of sites as they appeared in 2018, which I’ve been working on, as well as creating less documentary and more artistic cartographic and photographic collages. The purpose is to frame the complex material and social legacies of the penal colony as moments of decarceration, closure and ruination, with a view to reimagining prisons as ‘ruins of the future’.



Date and time

Wed 6th March 2019
12:00-13:00 GMT


Bush House NE 2.02
Strand Campus, King’s College London


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