Teaching available at KCL Digital Humanities – digital skills needed

The Department of Digital Humanities at King’s College London is looking for hourly paid lecturers to teach introductory computational skills on the weekly seminars of our digital culture modules in person at our Strand campus. In addition to computational skills, we also have some modules open for which a conceptual knowledge of machine learning and data handling is sufficient.

For the modules below, we welcome colleagues with experience in the following areas: Python 3, HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript, and the ability to teach coding at beginner and intermediate levels.

7AAVDH02 Coding and the Humanities 2 x seminar groups open Coding skills required
7AAVDM14 The Cultural Web: Building a Humanities Website 3 x seminar groups open Coding skills required
7AAVMWEB Web Technologies 6 x seminar groups open Coding skills required

For the modules below, insight into the computational concept of machine learning and/or data handling are sufficient.

7AAVDC18 Artificial Intelligence and Society 4 x seminar groups
7AAVDC20 Health Datafication 3 x seminar groups

The teaching will be in the form of weekly recurring seminars, in which students practically train the lectures given before by DDH colleagues; the colleagues will also help you with planning the seminar teaching.

  • Term1 dates for teaching weekly in person are: Monday, 27 September to Monday, 10 December 2021 with a reading week in between.
  • Payment: besides teaching the seminar(s), we also factor in preparation (2h) per seminar, and office hours/emails (1h) per seminar.
  • Term1 dates for teaching: Actual seminar teaching begins in the week starting Monday, 27 September 2021 and runs to Friday, 10 December 2021 with ‘free’ reading week in between. Seminars accompany the lectures given each week by the module leader. Seminars occur weekly.

  • Timetable scheduling is done centrally so we cannot guarantee which day exactly apart from that they will be weekdays between 8am and 19h.

Please contact mercedes DOT bunz AT kcl.ac.uk if you are interested with a short CV outlining why you have expertise in the modules. You will need the right to work in the UK. Also feel free to forward this blogpost if anyone comes to mind.