Looking for academics to help with marking and teaching

The Department of Digital Humanities (DDH) has opportunities for academics and is looking for hourly paid lecturers to assist with marking and teaching. The lecturer needs a PhD (or equivalent expertise) and the right to work in the UK. The hourly pay is £21.27 (tbc) per hour, and most work can start right away.

The expertise we are looking for is:

Marking Essays in Gender and in Technology & Society
We are looking for markers in the areas of the gender (in particular the roles of gender and technology in films) and an undergraduate course on Investigating Science, Technology, and Society. The essays are 2,000 and 3,000 words long. We pay an hour for the marking of 4,000 words. The deadline for finishing this is in early or mid-February.

Marking MA Dissertations in Digital Culture and Digital Economy
We are looking for help with the marking of dissertations that cover the fields of digital culture, digital marketing, critique of platforms, and digital economy. The dissertations are 15,000 words long. Payment will be calculated as follows: we pay between 4 and 2.5 hours per dissertation. The deadline for finishing this is in early or mid-February.

Teaching Essay Writing
We are looking for weekly teaching help with hosting the Writing Lab’s informal and optional group writing support sessions (on-campus). The lab provides general guidance on ‘how to structure an academic essay/report’, ‘how to critically frame an argument’, ‘how to cite using Harvard referencing’, and ‘how to make sense and incorporate the feedback from your assessment’ etc. The teaching would start now and runs until 1 April 2022.

Please get in touch with the Deputy Head of the Department, Mercedes Bunz, sending your CV if you are interested: mercedes DOT bunz AT kcl.ac.uk