Looking for academics to help with our MA dissertation marking

The Department of Digital Humanities (DDH) currently has opportunities for academics in marking MA dissertations. The dissertations are covering research in areas such as digital platforms and social media, critique of digital economy, digital humanities and digital asset management and are 15,000 words long. The marking is starting now and feedback and marks are due to be back at the beginning of November. 

First marking and second marking are twinned, so a unit of first marking also comes with a unit of second marking. The payment is – 4 hours payment per dissertation for first, and 2 hours for second marking plus. The payment is £21.27 per hour. Markers need to have a PhD or equivalent expertise. They also need the right to work in the UK.

If you are willing to take on 5/5 or 10/10 or 15/15 dissertations for marking or know of someone who could be interested, please get in touch with mercedes DOT bunz AT kcl.ac.uk sending in a short CV