We are excited to launch a Creative AI Tools & Resources Database as one of the outcomes of the Creative AI Lab, a collaboration of the Department of Digital Humanities, King’s College London with the Serpentine.

The Creative AI Lab serves artists, art institutions, technologists and digital scholars in exploring practices around new AI technologies such as deep neural networks and machine learning. Its aim is to encourage critical engagements with ​AI, in particular with deep learning,​ which has become by now a technology that is set to shape human development over the next century.

The work of the Creative AI Lab, which is led by Mercedes Bunz (Digital Humanities, KCL) and Eva Jäger (Serpentine) includes a growing Creative AI Tools & Resources Database which you can find here, a series of research workshops (like this one), and forthcoming papers as well as a series of online tutorials which will surface AI/ML infrastructures by exploring their interfaces.

The project is supported by funding from the AHRC and by a LAHP funded PhD scholarship starting in October and held by Alasdair Milne. As a collaborative research initiative, it brings together knowledge and expertise from different cultural institutions and practitioners inquiring how the arts can contribute to this emerging field.

Visit our newly launched website and resource data base here.