“Reframing Art: Opening up Art Dealers’ Archives to Multi-Disciplinary Research” is centred on a collaboration between the Department of Digital Humanities and King’s Digital Lab at King’s College London and the National Gallery, London, funded by the Cultural Institute at King’s.

King’s lead researcher: Stuart Dunn

Associated organisations: National Gallery, London, the Getty Foundation, King’s Digital Lab

The focus of this research is the relationship between the circulation of works of art and their archival information, and how scholars can explore and enhance those relationships by investigating the archives as multivariate networks of information. The team is led by Stuart Dunn, Senior Lecturer in Digital Humanities, with support from King’s PhD candidate Valentina Vavassori and in association with Alan Crookham and Barbara Pezzini from the National Gallery.

This multi-disciplinary research project has been chosen to participate in the two-year Network Analysis + Digital Art History Workshop, funded by the Getty Foundation through its Digital Art History initiative.

For more information about the workshop and the Reframing Art project, visit the Network Analysis + Digital Art History website