Project | Mobile Phones and Reproductive Health in Cambodia

A research project funded by the AHRC to foster collaboration between Public Health and Arts & Humanities. King’s and the London School of Health and Tropical Medicine are leading a group that includes researchers from SOAS and Marie Stopes International (MSI) Cambodia.

The project looks at how workers in garment factories in Cambodia use mobile phones to find information related to health, with a specific focus on reproductive health services and medical abortion. Equally importantly, it looks at how public health and humanities/social science approaches can be better integrated: Can we take a wider socio-cultural perspective to better understand how people approach health information and medical abortion? Can we use specific behaviors centered around abortion to better understand information-seeking behaviors? Where to mobile phones and online resources fit in this eco-system?

King’s lead researcher: Elisa Oreglia

Associated organisations: London School of Health and Tropical Medicine,  SOAS, Marie Stopes International (MSI) Cambodia.